Monday, August 30, 2010

Be My Werecat Tonight

Wow time flies. I was away in PEI enjoying all those farmers with muscles (lol) and whammo my 2nd book in my Darklander Lovers series hits the shelf. Sorry I'm late in posting a blog...but here it is. Warning it's a hot excerpt

Be My Werecat Tonight
Renee Field

Book two in the Darklander Lovers series

As a surgeon, Hank is used to working with his hands. Good thing, because those skillful fingers are needed to release the passionate wild cats lying dormant in one tigress of a redheaded woman.

Naughty nurse Nora’s passionate response to her blind date unleashes something untamed within her. The only problem is she doesn’t appreciate her newfound gift. It’s up to Hank to teach her how to embrace her wilder side or they’ll both end up as housecats—a curse worse than death for a proud Darklander werecat.

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The night had taken an unusual direction after the blind date auction. Having heard a man cry for help from the alley, Hank allowed his werecat to take over and it had been then he’d snagged her scent. All woman. Sensual, alluring healing heat radiated in bright hues of sparkling orange and red around her. She hadn’t been terrified of him. Instead, spellbound, Hank had watched her inch forward, forcing her own fear to heel so she could save the victim’s life with her hands. Witnessing her healing the man had almost knocked him over. If he hadn’t been watching her so intently he would have missed the flicker of the cat within her who screamed, “Let me out…release me!”

Tonight that’s exactly what Hank planned, to let the wild cat roaming within her free. He’d used his feline telepathy to discern who she was and quickly read the sexual fantasy she longed for. Discovering she was the woman who had won him as her blind date caused him to preen with satisfaction. Knowing her sexual fantasy was wanting to play doctor with him, his beast of a cat purred in ecstasy. So here Hank was—playing doctor when he really was one.

“All right, nurse.” Hank lowered himself to his knees, purposefully using his wide shoulders to part her legs. Again a moment’s hesitation met his attempt but then he felt her relax, parting her legs more on the stool so he could move his body between her thighs. The advantage was hers now. On his knees he had to look up at her while she sat poised on the tall stool. She was like a Goddess and he planned to worship her.

Hank moved lower. She had a doctor fixation, but his mind thrust had also revealed she felt her body was inadequate. Inadequate my ass.

“Lovely curls. Nothing I admire more than a true redhead.” He was glad he had insisted
she remove her panties earlier. He blew a hot breath across her pussy, aching to dip his finger in to see if she was wet for him.

She harrumphed at him and a brief smile flew across her face.

Her immediate response to his praise confirmed what he felt. She judged herself too harshly. “Naughty, nurse…are you questioning my taste?”

She giggled, causing her breasts to jiggle. Hank stilled his hands that wanted to rip open the small black hooks keeping her tits from his view. He used the opportunity to leverage his body up so his mouth could latch onto her right breast through the bra. She gasped. Hank flicked his tongue back and forth over her sensitive nipple and then moved his mouth to her other breast to reward it also. Two large wet stains appeared on her bra. Her entire body quivered from his ministrations. The cats within him purred. He could see all her reactions perfectly even though the room was only lit with two flickering red candles that smelled of strawberries.

“Oh my. I forgot what that feels like.”

“I’m just getting started. When I’m done with my exam I want that pussy cream of yours to be sliding out of that warm cunt. Then I’m going to give you your annual checkup…you naughty little kitty.”

“Did you just call me kitty?”

Hank gave the insides of her thighs a lick, tasting her heat and unique scent, reminding him of fresh flowers.

“Yes, I did. Let’s unleash that kitty of yours.” To emphasize his point he moved his tongue higher, giving a rough scrape along her wet folds. Her body melted into his touch, her legs instinctively opening to him, allowing him to take her passion-induced scent into his body.

Hank’s rock-hard erection created a tent as it pushed painfully up against the zipper of his dress pants. He growled. His cats felt too constricted in the suit. Forcing himself to behave, he used his fingertips to outline her heaving breasts. She unhooked the lower portion of the uniform, parting the fabric in a slow tease. Her tiny exposed bellybutton teased him. “No laughing,” he cautioned, lowering his body once again so he could swivel his tongue inside her round bellybutton. She stifled a giggle.

“Nurse, I do believe I said no laughing. Your naughtiness will not go unpunished. Spread your legs wider for me.”

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