Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Contract - it's all about the dragons

Very busy over the summer with my new job, which I love and my new stories I've been working on. Ellora's Cave just gave me a new contract for my dragon erotic novella, called Beastly Passion, which I confess to writing about a year ago and finally got around to polish. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this story until I started doing those pre-edits for my publisher. I must say it's refreshing to enjoy your own work for a change.

At the end of July my first book in my new paranormal erotic Darklander Lovers series launched. Be My Vampire Tonight is the first in this three book series and I can't wait for my readers to read the 2nd book, Be My Werecat Tonight, which launches at the end of August - which is just around the corner. Funny thing I discovered when writing the vampire story - I really had to work at writing about a vampire. The entire blood/sex thing does not work for me so I confess to struggling to get the character right. Now, when it came to my werecat guy - bingo! I loved him from the get-go.

So tonight after 8hrs watching my son in a paddling regatta, running to see another one play baseball (and missing that), I made myself get down to figuring out my new netbook comptuer. Small, yes, but I'm getting it. I really don't like the new version of word -ugh - so far hate that, but finally feel like my fingers are adapting to the universal keyboard.

That's it in my oh so exciting life folks!

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