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Be My Vampire Excerpt

Okay my latest book is out with Ellora's Cave and I'm thrilled because this is book one in a three book series called Darklander Lovers. The first book is Be My Vampire Tonight and it features my cop guy Mitch (must admit I've got a thing for a guy in a uniform - scratch that, because if he's wearing a janitor uniform that might not work -lol) and Tina, my shy but powerful lawyer. I wrote this series because I've honestly never been on a blind date, but often thought I'd like it. Would I go all wild like my characters? Well, maybe, or at least in my mind that's a maybe. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know the crazies blind date you went on and you could win a free e-copy of Be My Vampire Tonight.

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In his one hundred and twenty years as a vampire Mitch had never done anything remotely like this. Part of him thought entering a bachelor auction was crude while his baser macho instinct automatically preened before the crowd of oohing and ahhing women, madly raising their hands shouting out his number. Thankfully he was masked.

“They like you,” taunted Lance.

Mitch didn’t say anything. He lengthened his stride to ensure he almost floated behind Hank and did a slow turn just like his werecat friend. Then he flexed his forearms, moving them to rest behind his head in a casual pose and decided he’d finally gone barking mad.

Then her scent snagged him. Hot, lust-filled blood, ripe for the taking. More than that, he felt her mind push. That tingling awareness that said the woman, filled with thoughts of sex, was a psychic—a powerful one at that. He turned, his gaze catching on the long chestnut mane of curls streaked with hues of auburn and corn yellow colors, noting how it trailed past her pale, bare shoulders. She shuddered, turning her gaze from him.

For the first time in years Mitch’s cock hardened with mind-blowing lust, pouring like thick, warm blood through his veins. Physically he had to resist the urge to leap off the stage, grab the woman who had attracted his attention and bite into her veins, taking her precious desire-inducing life force. The sensation, so strong, caused Mitch’s cock and balls to tighten, the need for release a hot pulsing beacon that said she was his. Take her. Claim her. To hell with the consequences. And there would be consequences because she was a blasted human. A psychic but human none the less.
Another mind push from her caused his steps to falter. Basically she told him to back off. He growled, the sound a low vibration laced with dangerous intent. I don’t think so. Mine. You. Are. Mine. You just don’t know it yet. But tonight you will.
For the first time that evening Mitch truly grinned, ensuring no fangs revealed themselves. With his cock rock hard for the tantalizing taste of O-negative blood, he couldn’t wait to escape the theater and get his just reward for the night.
When the endless marching around the stage ceased and they were finally able to exit, Sasha rushed up to them.

“Thank you…thank you. You guys were a huge hit. I just knew it.”

“Only for you, Sasha,” said Mitch, giving her an elegant old-fashioned bow.

Shoving an envelope and red rose into Mitch’s hand, Sasha continued. “Okay here, this is your date, Mitch. And yes, it’s the one you want. The instructions are outlined in the letter. This is for you, Hank.” She handed the werecat a tiger lily and an envelope. “And voilĂ , brother dear.” Sasha held a yellow daisy out for Lance with a similar envelope. “Be nice. They paid a small fortune for you and don’t forget this is a date. Have fun. See you tomorrow night.”

All three men groaned loudly but Mitch’s growl tugged a smile from Sasha’s retreating form.

* * * * *

“I got him. Number twenty-one!” squealed Nora, pleased when the owner of the establishment held up the number for her to see.

“That’s because you outbid me,” snapped Cindy. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’ve got the one I really wanted. Number twenty-three. Who did you get, Tina?”
Tina gulped. “I think I got number twenty-two but that’s not who I wanted. I was trying to bid for the guy across from him…number thirty-three.” Tina did not like the fact the owner flashed the number twenty-two at her. The number was taped to a ping-pong paddle to match the models on stage and the owner seemed oblivious to the fact that Tina had been bidding on the other man.

“Twenty-two…wasn’t that the spooky one?” asked Cindy.

“Wasn’t that the guy who looked as if he were floating on the stage?” asked Nora. “It doesn’t matter. It’s just a date, don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, it’s a date…you do remember what that is, right?” teased Cindy.

Tina took another drink of the pink liquor her friends had bought her. She twirled the tiny matching fuchsia umbrella with her fingers. Before she could say anything a beautiful woman with long, straight black hair wearing a gorgeous short black dress approached the table. The only thing out of place was the bold purple witch’s hat she wore. Then again this was a theater charity auction.

“Ladies, I’m Madam Sasha. I can’t thank you enough for your generous bids. Here are your envelopes. The men you each picked are very, very special.

“Just how special?” Cindy grinned, giving the woman a bold wink.

“You will not be disappointed.”

“Actually, I tried to bid on thirty-three.” Tina seriously hoped to rearrange her date. While there was nothing wrong with the gorgeous man decked out in the kill-me-now tuxedo, his haunting good looks and deep chocolate brown eyes had evoked a dangerous twittering in her that she felt straight from her hot core to her now curling toes.

Madam Sasha pinned her with an intense stare. “Thirty-three will not fulfill you. Trust me, it’s twenty-two you really need. And as much as he might be gruff and all macho-like, just keep in mind that one is never too old to learn new tricks.”

“Tricks?” asked Tina, clearly confused.

“Yes, tricks,” snickered her friends in unison.

Tina shushed them. Why did I agree to this? Tina thought there was a lot left unsaid by the woman’s cryptic remark but she had vowed to have fun and let her hair down, and that’s exactly what she planned to do. Maybe another drink would be a good idea.

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