Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Game Over - WOW

Okay, I have to gush about Game Over. A friend of mine wrote the book and I made sure not to learn to much about the book until I got my hands on it. WOW. Read my review.

First off let me say straight off that I am not a gamer. I have no interest in it but reading Game Over by Taylor Keating has changed that. If only gaming could be like reading this sci-fi, edged with fantasy tinged with romantic elements that leave one breathless – well then, I’d be the first person to become addicted to gaming. I certainly loved Keating’s hard ass heroine, River. The mix of Fae elements and Guardian qualities she possess add that extra element of intrigue to the book. What I loved overall were the layers of plot twisting through this book. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading it, get your hands on it fast.
Game Over is about a video game programmer, that would be the lovely, minx of a character River – think sort of GI Joe Jane here and you get the idea of her personality. River’s world is post-acloptic. I will admit I’m not sure if this took place on Earth but the place honestly doesn’t matter. The texture of the land River equates with home is what makes it intriguing. She gets trapped in her own game because she has unknowingly tapped into her Fae powers and has given the Dark Lord, who was imprisoned on a planet by the Guardians – they are the Fae protectors – a chance to use her powers to escape his technologically advanced prison. In the game she meets Chase, a Guardian, who she thinks at first is the character Sever who she created. Good thing for her it’s not. Chase is much more than a mere code. His body is somewhere else in the known galaxy and his mission was to use his ability to project his soul to service the Fae. He and River work well together in the game. It’s a race of time, levels, and credits. It’s up to River to defeat the Dark Lord without selling her soul but giving up Chase is not an option. I don’t want to tell the ending because it left me gasping and dying to read the sequel but let’s just say it’s a very nice surprise…the sort I don’t often read anymore in sci-fi books.
The visual imagery is amazing. The dialogue between River, Chase and Nick, her secondary hero, works great. Game Over gets all my votes as a must read. Oh, did I mention the otherworldly hot sex – yeah that worked very nicely into a Tor book – I honestly can’t remember reading a Tor book with good sex in it before…things are a changing for good. For more information on Game Over visit http://www.taylorkeating.com.

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