Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 1 Nano and the growing Moustache

Okay, it’s well into week one of Nano and I’ve written over 5,000 words so far. I was aiming for 7,000 so I’m hoping to plug out another 2,000 over the weekend. But I keep getting distracted by hubby’s growing moustache. As promised his pic for week two of this test. Did I mention he’s raising money for prostate cancer and I seriously hope the headache of this damn moustache he’s growing earns lots of money for research because it is seriously cramping my style?

My style is lots of kisses, which soooooo are noooooot happening. When I look at him I think of a rat now. That is not a good thing to think of one’s hubby. I’m counting my days until one, it further fills in, which I have my doubts about and two; he shaves the scraggly thing off.

Oh, and when I did kiss him, because I was desperate (yes, I will admit that) I had to close my eyes and he started laughing when he felt me cringing – sad, so sad. Well, that ended the romance for the evening let me tell you. He’s even admitted he’s not liking it. That makes me wonder if he’s not liking getting no kisses from me, or the moustache….he hasn’t admitted which one.
To stress again this is for a good cause so please donate or else I’m going to feel like my entire no-kisses month of November didn’t count for boo!
To help, you can either:
Click this link and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account

Write a cheque payable to 'Prostate Cancer Canada', referencing my name or Registration Number 724590 and mailing it to: Prostate Cancer Canada, Suite 306 145 Front Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1E3, Canada.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit:

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