Monday, November 15, 2010

I might get a Movorce for Movember

Okay, we are well into November and I've been getting lots of criticism (ugh..cough...cough/advice) for not loving my hubby's moustache. Really, all I have to say to people is "I hate it!" Today is the 15th of November and I honestly thought of getting a movorce for the month of November when he suggested he's do this again next year. Are you kidding me? Even our kids yowled in outrage. It would be different if he looked okay with it, or if it all came in, but alas it doesn't. See pic for varification.

Brian is enjoying this experience and really happy to be getting donations for prostrate cancer (see previous blogs to see how you can donate to his file for research) but November has become a very slow month for me. I think it's the no kisses thing that's driving me insane. Since I write romance/erotica for a living, no kisses is soooo not fun...and it's coming out in my characters which is not sexy. I'll probably end up ditching half my writing this month and guess what, I'm blaming it on hubby and that damn moustache.

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Heidi Hamburg said...

It's too late now, but I still think you should have gone for the armpit hair from the beginning.
By now you could braid it. Weave in a little tinsel for Christmas.
Could be cute.