Sunday, October 31, 2010

Libertine's Kiss - Historical Sensual Must Read

Judith James latest release Libertine’s Kiss left me breathless. Rich with poetry, which she wove delicately throughout the book and textured with historical details only James can fish out, this book is a stimulating, evocative must read.

William de Veres is a rake but readers will forgive him that failing because of his youth, his honor, his passion and almost bohemian-like poetry, which at times titillates while other times makes the heart weep for its blunt honesty. Add the puritan woman, Elizabeth Walters, who was his only childhood friend, who secretly wooed him with her sense of adventure, and pure spirit and the test of wills between Lord Rivers, as William becomes known, and Lizzy…well you won’t be able to stop turning pages.

Cast during the time of King Charles, whose court was notoriously filled with wanton women seeking something from the king in return for favors, Lizzy gets thrown into the mix. It’s either court or starvation because she’s fled her first husband and saving William doomed her. However, William’s plan to teach Lizzy how to use her innocence and refreshing charms at Court begins to backfire on him.

It’s here that James powerful sense of dialogue shines. I loved the banter, the use of poetry and the dramatic sense that Lizzy’s true love for William might not make for a happy ending. That’s the thing with James, she’s a master with leaving the reader wondering. Honestly, it wasn’t until the last two pages I was able to breathe easier. Thank you James for your gift of words, fanciful tale of two lovers who might not get to love and your powerful sensual scenes. I would willingly become a pupil of Lord Rivers.

To read more about Judith James’s Libertine Kiss published by HQN check out James site at


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Bev Pettersen said...

What a great review, Renee. I loved Libertine's Kiss too and your review reminds me why!!