Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday I spent the day at my local romance writer's all-day workshop. It was great. While I didn't plot out a new romance, I have three I've got to finish editing, I did get once again inspired to write. And that says a lot. I find with editing I get pulled out of writing so even getting 2,000 words written in a week, with me juggling my kids, is an accomplishment. And speaking of accomplishments I wanted to highlight the fact that on Thursday I attended my friend, Pam Callow's debut launch of her romanctic suspence, legal thriller called Damaged. I have to say the place was jammed with well wishers, which Pam deserves. Pam, a mother of two and a lawyer by trade used her smarts to create the Kate Lange character. What I love about Damaged is that it's set in Halifax - our home town. Her publisher, MIRA, got behind her and I have to say they made one smart move. I came home Thursday night and started Pam's book and now I'm trying to find time in-between edits, and those pesky kids to read it. I can't wait until I can snuggle with hubby in bed (he likes to read beside me) and read more. My time for reading is at night, in the bathroom, or in the bath and I confess that I usually have four books on the go. Reading is essential if you're a writer, it helps you keep up with your market and in my case it helps keep my sanity.

Starting next week I'll be posting excerpts from my Fairy Curses: Kissed sensual paranormal romance I've been working on. I'll be looking for feedback and showing you before and after scenes with my editing process. Plus I might publish pics of my son's pesky cat who likes to snuggle next to my laptop - how annyoing!

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