Monday, May 10, 2010

I haven't blogged in a while. I know I should but what can I say - life is busy. So let me sum up what I'm doing.

Finished edits of my dragon erotic novella and added another 5,000 to it - I know editing usually means cutting but I felt I needed to add to this one.
Working on cutting more out of Fairy Curses: Kissed, that's my mainstream sensual romance.
Mapped out my new sci-fi erotic novella set on Jupiter called "Red Lust" and totally loving it.
Working on revamping my 2nd Titan romance novel for my publisher, Ellora's Cave, as a stand alone.
And, I just started a totally new writing project - 1st person narrative, mainstream fiction with a Mr. & Mrs. Smith feel to it. I'm psyched to get into this but need to focus and finish edits on Fairy Curses which will take me another week and I'd like to finish 4 more chapters in my sci-fi waiting is good, because by then I'll have figured out the middle of my new writing project.

That's it for me folks.

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