Monday, March 15, 2010

March Break

March! Yes, that means only three more months until summer. Can't wait. That said, the days are brighter, all thanks to the new day light savings time now taking place in March and the weather is teasing us with warmth. I've stashed all the snow pants, scarves and mitts away and it felt great. I don't dare put away the shovel away yet or it will snow so I'll wait until the end of March for that treat.

Speaking of treat, I'm almost done edits on my new Darklander Lovers series coming out from Ellora's Cave. This is three erotic novellas linked with a common theme. The first is "Be My Vampire Tonight" and then it's "Be My Werecat Tonight," and finally "Be My Warlock Tonight." It centres around three very unique women who go to a charity auction to bid on men who are their blind dates for the night. But these aren't your average men -lol. I'm working on my tag line - let me know what you think of this.

- In a world that exists in shades of gray she brought sizzling color to his life.
-He only new shades of gray until her passion brought color to his life.
- In a world of gray she brought color

Okay, help would be greatly appreciated. What else is new? I'm reworking my sequel to Rapture, which I've called Bliss to become a single-title so it will fit with Ellora's Cave's line. I've got a few more "tweaks" to work on for my dragon erotic and I just plotted out my new sci-fi erotic, which I can't wait to write as I totally love my theme, my strong-willed business women and the world on Saturn I've created.

I'd love to hear from you. What are you working on? What are you reading? Basically, I'm lonely. Drop me a line.

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