Monday, February 22, 2010

What do you do for a sexy night with your mate?

Okay, I confess to reading lots of Red Book and Cosmopolitan in the bath – my favorite place to unwind and I’ve noticed a trend. These mags hype what we as women are supposed to do for our mate. Hey, I’m not knocking it but seriously, what do men do to sex-up the love life? I’d like to know.

And, all I think of when I read about the chocolate sauce to paint all over your mate is what a god awful mess on the sheets and you just know who is going to be doing the laundry the next day – the woman.

So that got me thinking. What would I like my mate to do to sex-up our love life? Hum, well for starters take things slow. I love the foreplay, the slow tease of what’s about to be offered up to me. I admit to loving public displays of affections and a great meal out, because that would be without any children and it means I haven’t had to think of what to cook for dinner. And those PDAs can all take place under the table or in the back row of a dark movie theater. Hmm, what else? Music. Nothing makes the night sexier than really good “sex” music to add atmosphere to the room.

What would you like your mate to do? I’d like to know. This is all part of my latest research for my new erotic sci-fi I’m working so please share your secrets with me. I won’t use names, just want your ideas.


Meandi's corner said...

Oh since Valentine's day just passed and I got no romance I'm going with that. I little soft music, some skin-brushing dancing, some candlelight, a nice blanket in front of the fireplace while sexy-man paints fake tatoos on my back. Whew k got to go cool off now lol

Beth said...

I haven't had a man in my life since my husband passed, but back the my idea of a romantic evening was when he was able to find someone to kepp the four kids for the night and we could have a peaceful dinner with just the two of us. A quiet evening at home usually followed(sometimes a movie first). Those were the times we had the best nights in bed. We were able to experiment with our different fantasies/wishes without the threat of interruptions.
The most romantic time was the night I went to bed and found a lump under my pillow. We weren't married yet at this point. The lump turned out to be a ring box.