Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Things About Me

My life is not exciting. I spend most of my days at home, typing away, or emailing people. I don't interact a lot with adults and confess to missing that. I love writing stories and at the end of the day if I've written at least one good scene I'm okay. But, I thought I'd let the world following me (insert laugh here) discover a few things about me. Again - not that exciting, but my reality.
On your left is my Abyssinian almost 10 year-old cat called Paloma and on the deck, looking like he is the king of the place is my son's 1 year-old gray tabby called Tick-Tack (I call him Tack-Tack-Toes) - he's not very bright but playful.

1. I love bugs - I think they're fascinating, sometimes gross, but honestly when I was growing up I could spend hours watching one ant hill. Sad, but true.
2. My favorite animal - cats (see pics and you'll understand why).
3. I love to make my own jams.
4. I dye my hair - and it depends on my mood and how cheap the hair color is.
5. I shop a lot at Guy's Frenchy's and most times no one knows.
6. I hate painting my toe nails but do it anyway, especially in the summer.
7. I get totally overwhelmed with my life, my 4 kids, my writing and make runs to the store for chocolate.
8. I hate cleaning my oven so much I do it only when things start to burn (that's inside the stove).
9. I am a community activists and believe it takes a village to raise a child.
10. If I won a million dollars I would do 10 seperate draws for families in my community to each get $100,000!

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