Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congratulations - 3 Winners Get all my Ellora's Cave ebooks

Special thanks to everyone for stopping by my blog post to help me celebrate my 10th Ellora's Cave publication. It's been such a wonderful journey and I want you all to keep tagging along.

Congratulations to 3 lucky winners: Angel Hatfield, Yadira Alonzo, and Cathy MacDonald! Hope you all enjoy your EC ebooks from me and keep me posted.

I had such fun running this contest I'm going to plan another one but with more Ellora's Cave authors! We want those Kindles and ereaders to be stocked full of hot steamy stories!


*yadkny* said...

THANKS so so so much, Renee!! And CONGRATS & Happy Birthday!!!

flchen1 said...

Huge congrats, Cathy, Yadira, and Angel--happy reading! Thank you for celebrating with us readers, Renee! Congrats again, and looking forward to your next 10! ;)

Cathy M said...

You are a doll, Renee, thank you for giving me hours of fabulous stories to read.