Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrating 10th Ellora's Cave release - 10 e-books and $10 Amazon gift card up for grabs

Kissed is my latest erotic paranormal romance published with Ellora’s Cave (EC). I can’t believe I now have 10 stories out with EC. That’s so amazing and to celebrate I’m giving away a complete box set of all my EC books as e-books plus a $10 Amazon gift card for THREE lucky winners. All you have to do to win is tell me a bit about your favorite place. Please leave your email in your comment. Winner will be randomly picked on my birthday – Saturday, May 26, 2012! Let's celebrate together.

Inverness Beach, Cape Breton, NS
Today, I’m telling you about one of my loves. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. My love of Cape Breton began when I was a child and my father spent a few weeks each summer diving off its coast for sunken treasures. I spent my days walking the beaches but the minute he came to shore I dove into his net to find those treasurers. Old Spanish coins, precious jewels, small vials that held who knows what and old wine bottles seeped into my memory of Cape Breton. When not scourging the beaches I took to the hills with my mother to pick wild blueberries. Those hills which seemed like mountains to me I never forgot. There was a peace in those hills; a history of old houses built hundreds of years ago which the forest reclaimed and I loved to explore it all. Cape Breton beaches like Inverness and the hills and landscape of Cape Smokey, the trails along the cliffs of the Keltic Lodge, all those things became a part of me and I wanted to showcase some of the mysticism in my latest book. Kissed showcases the lure of the land.
Keltic Lodge & Resort, Cape Breton, NS

Cape Smokey, Cape Breton, NS
Kissed also showcases the Druid and Fey belief and trust me people in Cape Breton are very superstitious. I loved how when I was a child, we’d go visiting people in Cape Breton and with Cape Breton hospitality we’d find ourselves staying first for tea and biscuits and then of course for supper. It’s considered rude to refuse an invite for supper, so we often found ourselves enjoying homemade clam chowder, or a boiled dinner with people who might have started out as brief acquaintances to only become fast friends. 


Candy said...

My favorite place is the mountains of New Waltz, New York. I used to camp there with my daughter when she was a child. I miss that because I can no longer camp because of my disabilities. At least my daughter is still enjoying it with her husband!

Bev Pettersen said...

Ten Ellora Cave releases?!! Congrats, Renee. You deserve a vacation in your favorite spot.

spmcbee said...

Pt. Vincente by the lighthouse & the old Marineland Of the Pacific right outside of San Pedro CA. It's @ the top of the cliffs. I had planned to get married there but it has been closed to the public. I grew up there, spent so much time there that it breaks my heart to not be able to go there anymore.

spmcbee said...

Pt. Vincente by the lighthouse & the old Marineland Of the Pacific right outside of San Pedro CA. It's @ the top of the cliffs. I had planned to get married there but it has been closed to the public. I grew up there, spent so much time there that it breaks my heart to not be able to go there anymore.

Kelli Collins said...

CONGRATS on your 10th book with EC!! Here's to many, many more. :)

And happy birthday!

Kelli Collins
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Jacki C. said...

Happy Birthday! My favorite place in the whole world is Whistler British Columbia. A friend has a ski chalet up there that is at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. A bunch of us girls go up, and we may spend 3 days skiing and dancing and partying. Or we may spend 3 days in our pajamas, reading our print and NOOK books. The best part is that no spouses or children are allowed. :)


Western Lovin!! said...

My favorite place is on top of a mountain, cold and with snow. No one place in particular, but the northwest US all qualifies. I love snow and winter, cabins and fires.
congrats on 10 releases!

Ashley said...

Congrats on the book. My place is the mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains is a special place for me because that is where we went most weekend during my childhood.


*yadkny* said...

Happy Birthday Renee & CONGRATS on your 10th book with Ellora’s Cave!!!

My favorite place is on the beach's on the coast of WA. I just love watching the tides roll in and the gathering storms. Even the dewy mist in the surrounding forests are just magical. I had the best sleep of my life while visiting Forks. Can't wait to go back!!!

Mindy said...

My favorite place is WildWood, NJ.
When I was younger, we had 1 vacation per year (Dad was a teacher & Mother stayed at home, sometimes subbing for whatever teacher need a substitute) usually to "The Shore!". I'd wait all year till vacation & North WildWood Campground. We'd stay for a week or two & just relax.

Mindy :)

kaenar said...

First of all @ Jacki C.- we're heading from Ontario to Whistler in July for our son's wedding which is going to take place outside at the bride's house. Now that I know it's your favourite place, I'm even more excited to see it.

For Renee- congratulations on your 10th EC release. What an accomplishment!

My favourite place would be Kilkeel, Co. Down, Northern Ireland where I was born. The village is at the foot of the Mountains of Mourne and it's said that the view from these mountains is what inspired C.S. Lewis to write his tales of Narnia. A beautiful place.

flchen1 said...

Wow--those are gorgeous photos--thanks for sharing a bit about your favorites, Renee!

I've loved visiting other places--a favorite is Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) in China--the scenery is amazing--but I don't think there's any place like home :) I grew up in California, and I still love it here--the weather is temperate and there is so much to see and do, all within driving (or sometimes walking!) distance :)

Congratulations on 10 releases, Renee! Here's to the next 10! :D

And wishing you a joyful birthday to start off a year full of sweet surprises and everything good!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Cathy M said...

Hi Renee,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend. Let's see, one of my favorite places is Pismo Beach in California. It is a beautiful coastal town, but mostly it is the memories of all our summer family reunions there that makes it so special.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

ARHatfield said...

Congrats on the books! I've always wanted to write. As far as my favorite place, I've been all over the country, but one of my absolute favorites is Hocking Hills right in Ohio. It's beautiful, quiet and makes me feel at home with nature.

Jennifer Mathis said...

congrats on 10 whooo
my favorite spot is the woods next to where i grew up ... its so peaceful there and i feel like i can just recharge