Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying To Write With Summer/Heat & Four Kids At Home - ugh!

For all those other writers attempting like me to write, hat's off to you! Truthfully, I'm feeling itchy, not enough time in the day or places without my kids - lol. Now, I love summer, relish it in fact. I dream of hot, sweaty days and come March here in Canada with our wet, cold snowy days I'm just about achy for those days of summer. However, once summer gets here I start counting down until September. Maybe it's just me. I seem to be more organized when my kids are in school and can actually buckle down to write my ass off. For the past few weeks I've been attempting to write on my dining room table and well, it's mom this, or mom that and it's very hard writing hot scenes with your kids calling after you every five seconds. Okay, I'm breathing deep and my rant is over. On another happy note, I'm half-way through my second draft of my new series, The Ungodlies: The Damned Fairy and I'm loving my screen play I'm working on, which is not romance related at all and my second novella, Love Me Tender is less than three weeks away from debuting On that note, what is everyone else doing?

Renee Field


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