Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quiet But Steady

I know I haven’t been blogging for quite a while, but what can I say, except I have been writing a ton and juggling my hectic family life. So what’s new with me? I’m happy to say a lot. While I confess to not reading The Secret, (why read it when I live it) I know this is going to be my year!! I’m half-way through my second edits in my new hot, dark paranormal I’m calling The Ungodlies: The Damned Fairy.

It’s got fairies (they prefer to be called the Tuatha Dé Danann), a hunky damned Tuatha who simply wants to end his miserable human-like existence, a spunky woman who hails from Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton (gotta add those Canadian connections) who happens to be anything but normal, an evil fairy Queen, deadly vile creatures I’ve named the Decies who suck the life-force out of everything living and lots of other stuff. Ohh, did I mention hot, steamy and oftentimes brutal sex, with no asking if you please. I’m loving it and I’m off to New York to pitch to, cause I know some publisher is just dying for it!lol

My sequel to my fantasy, futuristic erotic novella, Love Me Tender, debuts in weeks and I can’t wait to see my cover art (the Ellora’s Cave graphic artists are gods/ddess) and my first sensual, paranormal romance, Rapture debuts within two months with Cerridwen Press. I’m also working on a quickie that’s titillating hot and I’m working on another book I’m calling The Damned Angel. Think I’ve got a “damned” theme going on for the next while. But, what can I say except I love my bad boys.

Ohh, and did I mention I’m working on my first screen play ever – again I admit it’s got an end of the world theme going on and sad to say it’s not romance. It’s full of caustic humor, lots of religious things happening and it’s thoroughly enjoyable to write for a change.
And the other really fun thing, cause us writers tend to write in solitude (or cafés with our heads down) is that I’ve joined a romance writers blog group with five other hot, romance writers – check us out:

And my romance writer friend Christine d’Abo’s debut novel, The Bond that Ties Us, with Ellora’s Cave came out on Friday. I’ve had her cover magnet on my fridge for months – it’s been quite the topic of conversation for the ladies who come into my kitchen, which is where my main door is. The cover is very provocative and I can’t wait to read it...plan to order my copy later tonight from EC.

What else in my life? Paddling, paddling and more paddling with swimming. Yup that’s my life. We belong to a paddling club all summer and my eldest paddles three times a day so I’m basically at the beach from 9:30am-4pm and then back to pick him up when he’s completed his last paddle at 5:30pm. What can I say, except that I’m a firm believer that keeping kids busy keeps them out of trouble and since my first three were boys (yup our last wee one turned out to be a girlie-girl) I’m becoming a beach bum (in more ways in one). So hence me starting my diet yet again and vow to get my ass on the treadmill three times a wk – so that’s what’s new in my life.

Drop me a line...I’m always wondering if anyone reads my rants!

Renee Field
Love Me Tender, debuts Aug. 15 with Ellora's Cave (
Love Me Wild, availalbe now with EC
Rapture, debuts September 27 with Cerridwen Press (

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