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Erotic Halloween Paranormal read - Witch Me Good by Renee Field

I'm so excited. A few months ago a good writing friend of mine, Lily Cain, suggested we work on an erotic Halloween series and what came out of it are two great stories. Today, I'm showcasing my own story, Witch Me Good and next week I'll be highlight Lily's story, Working on Wicked.

Witch Me Good
Renee Field

Bella Pickman was a naughty witch and no one knew it more than she. She thoroughly enjoyed playing pranks but her latest mischievous sends her into hot cauldron trouble. Sent back to her home town of Salem, the joke is on her.

And the timing couldn’t be worse. Halloween makes Bella’s skin crawl, but the minute she meets Southern charmer Chase, Bella vows to use her naughty ways for a night of carnal of pleasure.

Chase Castille doesn’t believe in witches or anything supernatural. Having grown up in the deep South he knows all there is about voodoo love charms and magic but the scientist he is trust just the cold hard facts. Nothing, however, can explain his instant attraction to the bewitching woman he saves from the wild Halloween street party which had gotten out of hand with the dozen cats chasing her like some crazy homemade movie.

When Bella whisks them away back to his bedroom, he’s willing to take a leap of faith and believe in magic if it will give him a night in her arms.

Chapter One

“This is for your own good.”

That was the last thing Bella heard in her head from her meddling Aunt Cat, and while a part of her laughed at those ominous words another part screamed, “Oh no!”

Bella Pickman wanted to retort with a sarcastic remark but before she could she felt the sizzle of her aunt’s magic zap through her like a dozen demon-infested cats—fast, furious and mind-numbingly scary. When Bella opened her eyes again she had to blink a few times, first to clear her fuzzy head from the overload her senses had just experienced and secondly, she had to absorb where the heck she’d been thrown to. A place that made her skin crawl while a dozen unwanted memories boiled through her.

Bella had been transported back to her home town of Salem, Massachusetts. Would figure!
Holy cats, thought Bella as the sounds of some wild street party jarred her senses. Without a doubt she knew exactly what was going on. It was All Hallows’ Eve which meant Salem was partying like never before. Well, before last year, that was. The annual street party traditionally encompassed five blocks, all of which were filled with mostly drunk tourists looking for a good time. A slight smile began to form on her cherry painted lips. She might have been thrown back to Salem as punishment for once again dropping in unannounced but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy some fun while here. With a zap, Bella quickly changed outfits. She smoothed down her now snug black dress and knew without a mirror she looked damned sexy in the form fitting outfit she’d conjured which of course also came with a black Halloween witch’s hat. Her sister Sarah would have a hoot if she saw her now. She made a mental note to call her sister first thing in the morning so she could at least reconnect while in town. By tomorrow Bella thought her Aunt Cat would have cooled down enough to allow Bella’s magic to zap her out of Salem. If not, Bella would simply ask her younger sister for a travel spell. Bella seriously hoped her sister’s spells had improved because a decade ago she couldn’t even conjure up a good date on her own.

Bella wasn’t dressed entirely in black. She had a red thong and matching push-up bra on because the color represented fun to Bella. As she sashayed down the cobbled sidewalk she loved knowing she wore the skimpy red lingerie. It made her feel straight up sexy. She’d also conjured up red four-inch heels. They made a slight click on the old-fashioned sidewalk.

Suddenly, before Bella could react, a dozen crazed cats headed headlong into the street. Four cars crashed into each other at the three-way stop sign. A fifth car flew straight into an orange fire hydrant, sending a torrent of water squirting out, which just added fuel to the panicked felines. And when another car came speeding at her Bella froze, feeling much like the cats wishing for a way out but not able to move.

Chase Castille hated parties. Street parties he detested even more. He should have left the office hours ago but lab work never bored him. As he made his way through the throng of people, most of whom had consumed more alcohol than he did in a year, he felt nothing but annoyance. Why the heck were they celebrating like kids when they were adults? It had been bad enough growing up being classified as a geek in New Orleans with its voodoo magic and snake charmers but Salem on Halloween seemed slightly tired and old. Or maybe that’s just how I feel?

All work and no play would shame his Mama. She was mighty proud of his accomplishments as a renowned gene sequencing scientist but that didn’t mean she wasn’t like any other southern mama wondering if he had a girlfriend and when he’d get married. Since he didn’t have a girlfriend that negated marriage. Just once Chase wished for the comfort of a warm, willing woman in his bed and that thought made him realize the last time he’d gotten laid had been well over a year ago, when he’d dropped back home for a quick visit.
Jostling through the crowd, a loud crash drew his attention. Turning the corner quickly he heard the yowling of cats and couldn’t believe his eyes. There, standing like a deer frozen by the headlights, had to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Thick, long, black wavy hair fell to the middle of her back and she had to be wearing some type of lycra dress because it hugged all her marvelous curves. On her head was the most outrageous costume witch hat he’d ever seen. The hat was so wide she had to grasp it just to keep it from falling off. She was tall at about five foot nine, slender with long, athletic looking legs the color of honey and she looked terrified.

Chase didn’t think. For once in his life he relied on his athletic instincts, which had served him well enough in the past to secure a football scholarship to attend university. With seconds to spare he dashed into the street and grabbed her, the car’s mirror hooking her right arm in the process, throwing them both to the street. Taking the brunt of the fall, Chase hit the uneven cobbled stones hard, banging his head in the process. He held onto the woman, ensuring she was safe. His mama would have been mighty proud of him for his Southern gentlemanly instincts as they kicked in to save a damsel in distress. Knowing his breathing was slightly ragged he asked, “Are you okay?”

Two mesmerizing exotic cat shaped eyes the color of sparkling green gemstones blinked at him. She smiled and squirmed a bit in his hold. He felt all those lush curves of hers to the marrow of his bones, forcing him to gulp and attempt to dampen down the arousal flaring to light. Over a year without a woman certainly had taken its toll, thought Chase. His hands flared wide, cupping her ass in a very intimate hold, which at any other time in Chase’s life would be highly improper. Since, however, he’d saved her, he let his hands stay exactly where they were.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No problem,” said Chase, not moving a muscle, or at least attempting and praying the woman wouldn’t notice one muscle in particular springing to life beneath the tight confines of his jeans..

“You, sir, just saved me.”

She made no attempt to move off him and Chase quite liked how she looked at him, with a mix of awe and a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

“I did, didn’t I?” Stupid. That was a stupid thing to say.

“Yes and for that we’re getting out of this crazy street party as you are getting a reward.”

“Oh,” said Chase, a second before everything went dark. For a second Chase thought he must have hit his head harder than he’d originally thought. When his vision finally cleared, he realized he was no longer on the street but in his own bed. For once in Chase’s life he couldn’t think up a rational explanation. The woman, however, was still thankfully encased in his arms.

When the woman leaned in closer, causing her lush breasts to press even more into his chest and so that her cherry red lips were a tantalizing breath away from his own, his heart lurched and his cock bucked against the zipper of his jeans.

“Your reward for saving me is me. It’s Halloween and while I try my best to ignore this traditional night, tonight is your lucky night. I, sir,—”

“Chase. My name’s Chase Castille.”

“Ah, a Southern gentleman. Well, well, well…my night just got better. Chase Castille I’m Bella Pickman, your witch for the night.”

He liked the way she smiled like she knew a secret he didn’t. The way she smelled, like the scent of hot burning vanilla candles and the way she felt all woman in his arms, made Chase question his sanity. Without a doubt women did not fall into his arms. And, while he might have saved Bella that didn’t explain how he’d gotten from the street to his apartment.

She captured his chin with one dainty hand. His thoughts scattered as she hooked that bejeweled gaze onto him.

“Don’t think of the whys or hows. What’s wrong with a night of pleasure? I promise it will be a night we’ll both enjoy. And with how you feel all hot and hard beneath me, don’t you dare tell me you don’t want me. All I need is for you to believe in the possibility of magic.”

Chase coughed to cover the laugh that attempted to spring free. The last thing Chase believed in was magic, but only a dead man said no to a sexy willing woman nestled tight in his arms. And with how hard his cock felt, Chase was far from a corpse.

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