Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cover Reveal - Claiming A Siren's Heart

Today I'm showcasing my 3rd paranormal novella - Claiming A Siren's Heart. I'm having such fun writing this series I think more characters are calling out for their own story. This novella will be released on Amazon for September but today I'm showing off my gorgeous cover.

Claiming A Siren's Heart
Book Blurb:

Tasked with guarding the sea god Poseidon’s vault, Fiona, intense and sexy warrior siren of the deep, was not about to let it be known someone had stolen treasure under her watch. But when she travelled to the human realm to reclaim what belongs to her god the last thing she expected to find was searing passion in the arms of a man.

Trace wears guilt like a second skin. Ever since his fellow Navy Seal buddy died he’s been pushing his limits in the sea. Finding a cave filled with ancient artifacts was great but having a sexy temptress storm into his life is a wet dream come true. One he’s not about to let free from his bed anytime soon, especially since his idea of a punishment means fun for all.

The sea laws are harsh and in the end Fiona’s one night of hot, sweaty sex with a human could be too much for them both.   

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