Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prisoner of Tehran amazing play in Toronto

Last night hubby and I as part of our vacation to Toronto went to see a play. We picked Prisoner of Tehran, which was adapted from Marina Nemat’s book into a play by Maja Ardal. The play was at Theatre Passe Muraille, which wasn’t that far from our downtown hotel. We didn’t know what to expect and we were both blown away. Now I know my books and my blog are usually about romance or writing but I had to change it up today to honor Marina Nemat’s journey and the three amazing actors who performed such an odyssey of a journey with this play.
Razi Shawahdeh played all the male roles. Unbelievable. I cringed when he took on the jailer who fell in love with Marina and how he was able to flip from one character who was all innocent to another so volatile—well I’m betting he was exhausted by the end of the play.
Bahareh Yaraghi played Marina and she moved me with how she tried to be just your average teenager in the 1980s when the Ayatollah Khomeini replaced Shah Mohammad Reza. Independence, is something most us of westerns take for granted but within weeks of the new regime life for women moved to the dark ages.
I have to say that Mirian Katrib who played all the other female roles, I lost count of how many that was, was the star in this production. Mirian moved effortlessly from one character who could be a young teen pretending to skip rope to an old woman dictating the new Muslim laws. I was spellbound watching Mirian and all three of these virtuosos actors. Thank you so much for such a wonderful special night out on the town in Toronto. If you have not seen this play do so. It’s playing until April 28th.

If you haven’t read Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat than get it today at

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