Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mind Games - A Read that will make you question your own reality

Mind Games by Taylor Keating

Page after page of twists and sub plots will keep you up all night reading
When the real world is worse than a virtual world, it has River Weston almost wishing she was trapped with the evil soulless Dark Lord once again. However, since River seems to attract nothing but trouble in either world she’s a gal who learns to cope. Getting pinned for murderous crimes on her home planet means she’s once again on the run, with Guardian, lover and Fey teacher Chase Hawkins, commonly called Hawk.

Hawk isn’t Fey but he’s had more experience with them than River, so she has no choice but to trust him. Back on his home planet, Hawk’s body, still trapped in a cryogenic state because he volunteered for the extended mission, starts to falter. And that has the Guardian Council wanting to pull the plug on him. At least one of Hawks’ friends believes in fighting for his life, but even he might not save Hawk in the end.

To top that off, Nick, River’s ex-boyfriend is trapped with the Dark Lord and he’s able to invade Hawk’s dreams. Making matters more personal, River feels obligated to free the Fey souls trapped in the strange graveyard. Her journey enables her to learn more about her combined Fey-Guardian heritage and trust in her own powers.

The pace Taylor Keating creates for the reader will leave you breathless and wanting more. Page after page something new, consuming and imagination-filled grabs you. Thank goodness Hawk and River finally have sex because this reader was going to kill the writer if the almost but not quite tantalizing sexual tension between them didn’t get fulfilled.

I loved the twists, turns and sub-plots of this story, and the ending will make you twitch to get your fingers on the third book in this series. This is the sequel to Keating’s first Game Over, TOR publication and I can’t wait to read more. To learn more about Keating check out

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