Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wanted:Mail-Order Mistress - A Must Summer Read!

Wanting to jump dive into the heat of summer than I highly recommend reading Deborah Hale’s latest book, Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress published by Harlequin. I devoured this book and it was one story I didn’t want to end.

Immediately I fell in love with Bethan Conway, who has the gumption to set out from her Welsh country to venture to Singapore to find her lost brother. The fact her naivety plays a key role in her current predicament once she lands in the sweltering exotic heat of a foreign country is somewhat comical, but truly believable. Bethan believes she’s a mail order bride. The truth couldn’t be further from Simon Grimshaw’s desires. All Simon wants is a mistress. He doesn’t trust women, and while he likes to play at saving damsels in distress he’s okay with getting physical – and let me just insert here the high sexual tension in this book rocks! – but forming a real relationship with a woman is out of the picture. Spurned more than once he’s not looking for his heart to get involved. What I found especially appealing with this story is Simon’s daughter. She made this story unique and personally, made all of the interactions between Bethan and Simon believable.

I loved the development of Simon and Bethan’s relationship and when Simon finally came undone and found that his heart did love Bethan I especially liked how Bethan kept to her original principle – finding her brother. In the end both hearts prevailed.

Hale’s world building blew me away. I wanted to set sail to Singapore. This is Hale’s third book in the Gentleman of Fortune series. I will be purchasing the other two because I’m dying to read about the other two business men who worked with Simon. I just bet their stories are just as delightful.

I don’t have a rating system but let me just say with my two glasses of wine I read this book within one night and stayed up until 2am to finish it – couldn’t put it down!

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