Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice - Let the Light Shine Through

Solstice! Yup today is the beginning of the days of days. That’s what I call it. When the darkness of the night weakens to the full light of the sun. I’m a light person. I admit to being totally affected by the dark, dreary days of winter. I need the sun to make me happy, just ask my family!

Here’s a little tidbit of fact: Since the time when the 25th was established as the solstice in Europe the difference between the Julian calendar year (365.2500 days) and the tropical year (365.2422 days) moved the day associated with the actual astronomical solstice forward approximately three days every four centuries until 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII changed the calendar bringing the northern winter solstice to around December 21st. In the Gregorian calendar the solstice still moves around a bit, but only about one day in 3000 years.

Okay, enough of that. What I want is to hear from you readers. I know there’s books out there centered around the theme of solstice, isn’t that the hot time of the year when the pull for sex is felt by all (yeah, that’s it). Anyway, I’m looking for a list of books that have this theme. I’m also feeling generous. You need to have a list of five books that either you know of or have read. Leave your list in the comment section. At the end of the day I will randomly pick a winner (exclusdes you SdoS gals) to win an e-book of your choice, a copy of either one of my Ellora’s Cave publications: Sweet and Spicy Spells (co-authored with the great Christine d’Abo), Love Me Wild, or Love Me Tender, or an e-copy of my sensual mainstream book, Rapture published with Cerridwen Press. So get your list in!!!

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